Common Problems With Well Water In Pittsboro Siler Chatham County NC

Common Problems With Well Water In Chatham County

The Most Common Problem with well water encountered in Chatham and The Central NC area are bad odors caused by irregular chlorination. Your well should be treated with chlorine on a yearly bases to prevent algae, e. coli or coliform bacteria and other naturally occurring contaminants from getting a foot hold in your wells water. Find Out More > Well Water Solutions

As A General Rule It's best to have your well water tested by a certified lab every few years minimum. The state is not required to test your water so it's up to the home owner to have well water tested and chlorinated.

Another Cause Of Contamination: When you have your well pump replaced or the cap removed for any reason the seal on the well cap is usually broken. Even if you chlorinate the well cap needs to be resealed to prevent air and other contaminants from entering you well resulting in bad odors returning within a few weeks. Service in Pittsboro Siler City Chatham County NC and all surrounding communities since 1991

Common Problems With Well Water In Pittsboro Siler City Chatham NC

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