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Have Smelly Well Water Bad Odors In Your Homes Drinking Water Caused By Sulfur Or Naturally Occurring Minerals Algae Bacteria Wellhead Sealing Stops Total Coliform E. coli Bacteria From Entering Your Well!

Own A Private Well Have Your Wellhead Sealed The importance of regular well water Laboratory Testing and Chlorination shock treatment cannot be stressed enough! With all the pollutants chemicals and other contaminants in todays world it has never been more important. Well water can be tainted with Total Coliform, E. coli or other harmful bacteria, algae, naturally occurring minerals, lead plus metals that can be detrimental to your families health and wellbeing! wellchlorinationnc.com

When Your Well Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs There's a good chance that odor in your homes well water is caused by any number of naturally occurring minerals, algae or bacteria.

  • Normally Not A Health Risk However the odor caused by sulfur algae and bacteria makes water literally undrinkable. It causes bad taste not to mention serious odors in laundry or when taking baths or showers.

  • You Don't Need Expensive Filtration Systems To Have Great Smelling And Tasting Well Water. Call Today For A Free Testing Shock Treatment Quote.

Wellhead Sealing; One of the best things a water well owner can do is regularly visually check the wellhead and the area surrounding it to see that it is properly sealed. If you aren’t familiar with the term wellhead, it is the portion of the well that that sticks above the surface, typically has a visible cap on it which often has the name of the company that drilled the well.

By Routinely Checking And Sealing The Wellhead You may prevent potential issues before they become problems that jeopardize your water quality.


Check the general condition of the casing (pipe protruding from the ground). Make sure it extends at least 12 inches above the ground. If not, contact Well Water Solutions to investigate and recommend remedial action. Above all be sure your wellhead is sealed air tight to prevent bacteria carrying from entering.

Check the condition of the cap and any seals present, that it is securely attached, and that it will keep out air, insects, rodents. If not, hire a qualified professional to repair or replace the well cap. In doing so, the water well systems professional can evaluate other considerations for the condition of the well. A compromised wellhead (cap) may allow entry for ants, bees, spiders, earwigs, etc.


Inspect electrical conduit and look to visually verify that all connections are secure. If not, hire a qualified professional to investigate and repair or replace as needed. Rodents can sometimes chew on wiring near the wellhead if not properly insulated and protected.


Survey the area above ground surrounding the well for potential sources of contamination, flooding, and physical dangers. Look for chemicals such as paint, fertilizer, pesticides, or motor oil—remove these if possible.

Maintain At Least 50' Feet Between The Well and any kennels, pastures, feeding areas, livestock operations—remove if possible.

The Well Should Not Be In A Roadway Or Driveway. If it is within close proximity to a roadway or driveway, it should be properly marked to avoid being hit by vehicles. You can protect your well by placing bumper posts near the well’s vulnerable positions to increase visibility.

Click Here For More Information Regarding Coliform, E. coli, Bacteria And Why It's To Important To Seal Your Well System.

Wellhead Sealing Work; When It Comes To Coliform And Other Bacteria In Well Water An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure That's Why You Should Have Your Wellhead Sealed, The Water Tested By A Laboratory And Chlorinated At Least Once A Year!

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Whether Your Well Water Has An Odor Or Not It's Highly Recommend That Wells In NC Be Chlorinated At Least Once A Year! When Bacteria And Other Contaminates Get A Foot Holt It May Take Several Disinfection Treatments To Rid Yourself Of Bad Smells & Taste! Some Areas Of NC Are More Prone To E. Coli Infections!

If Your Septic Tank Is Old You suspect a leak it overflowed or it was over filled and ran-over into your yard, you recently had flooding in your area, if you have farm animals within a few hundred feet of your well system it is strongly recommended that you have your well water tested yearly for Total Coliform E. Coli by a professional laboratory. Even Your Neighbors Septic Tank Can Affect Your Well Water Supply!

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Wellhead Sealing Stops Bacteria In It's Tracks!

Unlike Many Well Chlorination Companies I Actually Answer The Phone To Respond To Questions Regarding Wellhead Sealing! "WELL WATER SOLUTIONS ELIMINATES BAD ODORS IN WELL WATER"

Smells And Bad Odor In Well Water Can Be Disinfected And Removed!

Call Today For Wellhead Inspection And Sealing Service: I give you some very good suggestions and solutions to keep bacteria out of your well system For A Reasonable Price.

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Wellhead Sealing; Your Well Water Can Taste And Smell Great

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Private Wells In North Carolina Are Not Subject To Federal Regulations That apply to public drinking water systems. Therefore, it is up to well owners to regularly monitor their drinking water, inspect and seal their Wellhead to ensure it is safe for human consumption.

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Click Here To Get > More Info On E. coli O157:H7 The strain most typically involved in causing gastrointestinal disease in humans.

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