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When it comes to well water an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Yearly maintenance that includes chlorination disinfection will reduce the risk of getting E. coli coliform and other harmful bacteria in your drinking water thus greatly reducing the possibility of your family contracting an illness or health problems.

Regular water sample testing by a laboratory specifically equipped and specializing in well water testing is the best bet to protect your family form the dangers of harmful bacteria infections like E. coli. Read below for more information regarding E. Coli and common coliform bacteria.

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Well Water Can Be Contaminated With E. coli Bacteria By coming into contact with human or animal feces / stool. E. Coli Bacteria Is Found In The Stomachs Of Animals And In Human Waste. This bacteria is colorless, odorless, and tasteless and The Only Way It Can Be Detected in drinking water is through submitting a sample for laboratory testing. (1) If you have had a septic tank leak, overflow or over filled and ran out into your yard the infection could be human. (2) Another source of human waste in your well is a near by neighbor septic tank may be leaking. (3) If there are farm animals within a few hundred feet of your well system it could have come from that source. (4) E. Coli Bacteria can also enter your well VIA flooding in your area. If you have had any of these situations occur you should have your well water tested by a laboratory that is specifically equipped to examine and measure the amount and type of E. Coli that exist in your well water immediately. Once tested the lab can recommend solutions to make your water safe to drink and use. Of course determining where the Escherichia coli (E. coli) came from and fixing the problem is a must.

Also Note There Are Many Strains Of E. coli, Most of which are harmless to humans. Some strains, however, can cause severe ill effects, including nausea, stomach cramps, vomiting, fever, and diarrhea. E. coli O157:H7 is the strain most typically involved in causing gastrointestinal disease in humans.

Reading Articles Online by the so-called bacteria experts can be a big waste of time and money, save yourself some grief and aggravation hire an independent lab that specializes in coliform bacteria detection and can recommend the proper procedures you need to take for your families safety and wellbeing!

Total Coliform is a group of bacteria that are common in nature. When total coliform are present, the well may be contaminated by soil or feces (poop). E. coli are a type of coliform bacteria found in the gut of mammals. When E. coli are present, the well may be contaminated by human or animal feces. E.coli can be shock treated and disinfected however If Caused By A Human Or Animal Origin You Must Be Sure that the source of this type of bacteria is eliminated and the problem fixed before chlorination work is done!

Naturally Occurring Coliform Bacteria Is Normally Not A Health Risk However bacteria algae and other factors can cause fowl odors and bad taste that make water virtually undrinkable. Boiling Water Kills Coliform Bacteria, However it does not remove nitrate. DO NOT boil water with both coliform and nitrate. It may increase the nitrate level, making the problem worse! #WilsonvilleTotalColiformBacteria,

A Particular Strain Of E. coli Known As E. coli O157:H7 Causes a severe intestinal infection in humans. It is the most common strain to cause illness in people. It can be differentiated from other E. coli by the production of a potent toxin that damages the lining of the intestinal wall causing bloody diarrhea. It is also known as enterohemorrhagic E. coli infection. And just so you know there are hundreds of types or strains of E. coli bacteria. Different strains of E. coli have different distinguishing characteristics and Some More Harmful Than Others.

Private Wells Around Central NC Are Not Subject To Federal Regulations That apply to public drinking water systems. Therefore, it is up to well owners to regularly monitor the safety of their drinking water to ensure it is safe for human consumption.

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Preventive Maintenance; When It Comes To Coliform And Other Bacteria In Well Water An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure That's Why You Should Have Your Well Chlorinated At Least Once A Year! Near Me A Hop Skip Jump Away!

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Well Water Maintenance Service In Pittsboro, Chatham, Apex, Randolph, Ramseur, Wilsonville, Jordan Lake, Burlington And All Surrounding Areas Since 1991.

You Don't Need Expensive Filtration Systems To Have Great Smelling And Tasting Well Water. Call Well Water Solutions Today For A Chlorination Shock Treatment Quote,

Whether Your Well Water Has An Odor Or Not It's Highly Recommend That Wells In NC Be Chlorinated At Least Once A Year! When Bacteria And Other Contaminates Get A Foot Holt It May Take Several Disinfection Treatments To Rid Yourself Of Bad Smells & Taste! Some Areas Of Central NC Are More Prone To Bacterial Infections Than Others!

If Your Septic Tank Is Old You suspect a leak it overflowed or it was over filled and ran-over into your yard, you recently had flooding in your area, if you have farm animals within a few hundred feet of your well system it is strongly recommended that you have your well water tested yearly for Total Coliform E. Coli by a professional laboratory. Even Your Neighbors Septic Tank Can Affect Your Well!

Most Common Ways Wells Are Contaminated With E. coli Bacteria

E. coli Can Enter Well Water Through A Variety Of Sources, Including The Following:

  • Flooding And Extreme Weather Events.

  • Changes In Land Use, Including Construction Or Mining.

  • New Runoff Patterns That Pool Rainwater Near Your Well.

  • Damaged Well Caps That Allow Contaminants To Enter.

  • Sewage System Problems Overflows That Allow Feces From Infected Humans Animals.

Well Testing Should Be Done On An Annual Basis, But Also Any Time Water Changes In Its Look, Smell Or Taste.

Please Inform Me If Your Home Has A Filtration System, In Some Cases These Systems Must Be Bypassed During The Chlorination Disinfection Process.

Don't Forget Preventative Maintenance Is The Answer To Stopping E. Coli Coliform And Other Dangerous Bacteria In It's Tracks!

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